World Through Different Eyes

There have always been things is like veneration, vengeance, vendetta in our life. Many great people in this world say that those things are derogatory and lead to man’s fall but one thing I have learnt is that those things are inevitable in life. Though we move ourselves doing yoga and positive energy stuff there are these things that still creep in our life. It isn’t that we change our life by fighting these things but we eventually change our lives by accepting those things the way they are. Those things might not have be an outcome of your actions, they might have been the repercussion of others behaviour in our life but those things though actually creep in. At many stages in our life we help people unconditionally not because these mean the world to us but because only a human can actually help human. But at the end of the day when you need their help they leave you sulking not a person on the earth would tell me that they didn’t feel the need to fell vengeance or vendetta at that point. We regret the time and the trust we lost on them and yet we can’t do anything.

The recent days let me so claustrophobic about the Delhi case where the people of India had enormous strides in fuelling the TRP of the television channels and channelling a lot of rumours around that. Around the social networking sites I found a lot of people writing rubbish messages on the net just in order to show there social awareness and their cool content but one idiom for them

“Better be quite and let people understand you to be fool than open your mouth and prove everyone’s doubts.”

By reading enormous books, they have always taught me that we should always scoff at cynics but these days if I were to do that much scoffing it would have led me to typhoid or serious medical maladies. And yet there were people who were so much worried about the victim that they moved stones of mountains to show just a momentary moment of affection. Had they really been worried they wouldn’t have wrote these things but have had helped people who suffer the same. Or were they really worried why didn’t a single soul help the  victim when she was lying on road dying and she eventually died knowing that whatever world bestows on you is temporary and the people are always fickle. At times people think making Facebook and Twitter post is going to save the nation from its present situation I think the answer is no and we cannot change life and the world by a post. Or why would have our freedom fighters for the country and Jawans wouldn’t  have died on border if really a Facebook post could stop war or give you freedom. All through this life I have learnt just one thing- nothing in this life comes easily. Nobody will give you even a single penny free unless they have a motive behind it. We earn everything in our life through our hard work and not Facebook post. We get marks in exams because of our studies+ hard work and not because of our Facebook posts. It’s like

“No pain no gain.”

And still here we are without an inch of change. I am no Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet or John Lennon who would give advice or write songs on these topics or some great wonderful lines that again people would post on Facebook. I am just a simple man in a dire need to change the circumstances of India. We are a wonderful, beautiful, religious and self-monitoring country but without certain restraints and changes are necessary or else we are just like celebutauntes and bimbettes who make living by showing their affection on the television and theatre screens while we on social networking sites.

And hence on this republic day we will wish hundreds and speak the same but when it comes to heart we are just the same hollow people with all the fake smiles and words that enlighten the world around you but at the end we are all left utterly and solely alone when these things will come to an end. So wake up before it’s too late.